On DU30

The entire Filipino nation is raging about the alleged video of Mayor Duterte that has gone viral the past few days. It was about a rape case which involved an Australian girl that happened years ago in Davao. The said Mayor was misquoted for the joke he said about which resulted to heated talks in the social media networks between his followers and haters.

The presidential aspirant  also known as Mayor Digong has shown good track record in his political career. He’s done a great job in eliminating crimes and drugs in Davao City with the aid of the alleged Davao Death Squad. We don’t know for sure if this is real or not, for me it’s not important anymore. What’s more important is he is successful in keeping the peace and order within his area of jurisdiction.

I was born and raised in Palawan. The province has its own fight against crimes and drugs which is not an easy feat for the local government. With this, I am still hoping for a better tomorrow for the country in general. I still believe in the capabilities of Mayor Digong to extend that successful job he’s done to the whole country as well. I am fully aware that there is no such thing as a perfect politician, but whatever the social media is saying about Mayor Duterte, I would still give my full support on the coming election.




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