How to Write a Good Thesis Introduction

Research is a daunting task, that is a common notion among students when it comes to writing their thesis proposals and manuscripts. A topic in mind is a good thing but to put it in writing is another thing. How to present your quest for a scientific finding is a common challenge among students in a prescribed academic format. Such formats vary according to the standards of academic institutions.

In the academic setting, proposals and manuscripts often begin with an introduction. Normally it is limited to 1-2 pages and has to provide enough information why is there a need to conduct the study. Relevant background is necessary to set the expectations of the reviewers and readers that the chosen topic is worth their while. Looking for related and relevant references is not so difficult these days given a variety of academic journals and web pages available. Now the question is, how to write a good introduction for a thesis proposal?

A guide in writing a good thesis introduction

The figure above shows a guide how to present a good introduction for a thesis proposal or manuscript. It begins with a related general statement about the selected topic which serves as a background. What is the scenario about the topic in the broader context? Are there related studies conducted in other countries and what are the new findings so far? Normally, it is consists of a paragraph with a maximum of 4 sentences.

Then, present a gap in the study. It has to provide relevant information why there is a need to pursue it. What are the scenarios in the local context? Why is it necessary to conduct the study? It is worth noting that the proposed study has to be unique and no other studies have been conducted yet. Determine the benefits and the importance of the selected topic.

Lastly, you can narrow down to the main context of the study. Why is it important to pursue the selected topic at the local setting. Provide the research questions or the aims of the proposed study and briefly state how you intend to do it.

As the image above shows, the introduction has to start with a general statement and narrows down to the proposed study; from a broader context to the specific. Just like an inverted triangle, it begins with a bigger scenario down to the main aim of the study.

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