On Getting Married in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is not only known for it’s tourist sites but also for marriages between foreign nationals. I couldn’t blame people who opt to tie the knot in HK, it’s convenient, solemn, and exciting too.

I am a Filipina and dated a foreign national for almost two (2) years before we finally decided to take the relationship into the next level. Initially, we have considered marrying in my own country but the process would take longer and we both wanted to only have a few guests to celebrate with. For those who are familiar with the how marriages are celebrated in the Philippines would understand that celebrating a marriage with only a few important people is quite impossible in the country. After a thorough discussion of both pros and cons, we have finally decided to go to HK.

On Getting Married in Hong Kong

The preparation for a marriage in HK took only a few of our time. To those who are interested, here are easy steps on getting married in HK:

  1. Set an appointment for the intended marriage. You can check out the vacant slots thru their webpage. The website provides a comprehensive information about marriages such as booking, making an appointment, and how to submit the required information for the intended marriage. Other necessary information about marriage in HK can be found here.
  2. Prepare the necessary documents such as
    1. Notarized Notice of Intended Marriage. Download the form here.
    2. Authenticated Birth Certificate (Original)
    3. Passport (copy)
  3. Prepare a bank note for the application fee of HK$ 305. Fees vary according to preference whether to have the ceremony during office hours or outside office hours. Information on other related fees are also available at the website. 
  4. Once the documents are ready and you have selected a preferred date, you may finally send all the necessary documents to HK Registry of Marriage. Now, there are different procedures in sending it out whether you are living in HK or from other cities and countries. Submission of all documents from outside of HK can be done by post or courier and shall be done at least 15 working days to 3 months before the preferred date.
  5. You may send all pertinent documents to:
    Admiralty-Marriage Registration and Records Office
    3/F, Low Block, Queensway Government Offices,
    66 Queensway, Hong Kong
    Working Hours:
    Monday-Friday:8:45 am to 4:45 am
    Saturdays: 9 am to 11:30 am
    Closed on Sundays and General Holidays
    Telephone Number: (852) 2867-2787

Make sure to check all documents a couple of times before sending out the package to HK. We dont want any delays in our marriage just because of an overlooked typos or something. All names have to be the same with those on the passports. That’s it! Good luck and best wishes!

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