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Cleanest and Greenest City: Puerto Princesa

Have you ever been to Palawan? I hope you did because it is such a nice place to visit. Aside from having top tourist destinations, the proper waste disposal is another thing that is worth noting for. It has been the culture in the province since the implementation of the Oplan Linis Program in 1992. The strict implementation resulted to minimized trash in the streets, thus, a clean and green city.

The successful implementation of the program not only improved the waste disposal of the city, but it also changed the behaviour and attitude of the residents as well. Even the younger generations are disciplined and aware as to where to dispose candy wrappers properly. Trash bins are positioned in every corner of the city to ensure easy access for residents and easier collection by the waste management too.

00(Photo from http://www.pinoyadventurista.com)

At young age, it is imperative to educate the children on the importance of the environment in general. This reminds me of our accountability in taking care of our natural resources as mentioned in the seven (7) environmental principles listed below:

1. Nature Knows Best.
2. All forms of life are important
3. Everything is connected to everything else
4. Everything changes
5. Everything must go somewhere
6. Ours is a finite earth
7. Nature is beautiful and we are stewards of God’s creation.

Let me also end this article by quoting one of Mahatma Gandhi’s which says,